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Tell me about your EC's

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Tell me about your EC's...

I don't want to hear about why it would be good for med school, tell me about them. I'll start.


Highway rescue. It Took me to my current career as and advanced care paramedic. Lots of fun and good Camaraderie. There is a lot of turnover because it is volunteer and we have a low call volume. Lots of training but it's usually pretty fun


Coaching. I coach hockey in the winter for spoiled kids and deal with their whiney parents. Actually the kids are usually good I just felt like starting this way to lead into my next sport. I coach rugby in a small town. The kids are usually socioeconomically disadvantaged and mostly first nations. This is the most rewarding thing I have done, ten times more than a paramedic. The kids are so desperate for approval, and leadership, and it's is such a fun sport.


Homeless shelter. I help with meals here. It can be fun, sometimes you meet some interesting people but it feels more like a social responsibility than a passion. I don't get out very often.


Music. I play several instruments but it is difficult to find time to play in the school year. It will never be as fun as it was in high school when I was on my way to bringing back 70's rock and being the most famous guitarist ever.


I play hockey, rugby and power lift but nothing serious. I could have travelled for rugby but was smart enough to not move overseas for nothing (as my friends have done)


I wood carve. I am getting into first nations stuff. Pacific coastal. I also have delved into soapstone


I icefish, Flyfish, kayak fish, etc. I love salmon so much, smoked with hickory of course. I wish I had a cold smoker but that's ok. Actually I'm really into self sustained living and minimalist camping too.


I hope to one day own property and volunteer to hold animals for the SPCA until they are adopted.

I also am exploring opportunities in ems research



I'm bored and thought I'd give some perspective on the things I do. Any questions about these I would be glad to answer. Share the things you do and don't sugar coat everything. Take this thread in whatever direction you want but remember it is not an application

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Are you an ACP in BC? I'm PCP-IV on the west coast, and also got into it thru volunteer rescue, although I did volunteer fire and medical first responder, not much highway. I also got involved in SAR and basically all things emergency services related (except policing...).

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