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Easy 0.5 Med Sci credit

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So my schedule this year is for sure:


Physiology 3140A

Physiology 3130Y

Physiology 3120

Pharmacology 3620

Biology 2290G

Psychology 2075


I am hoping for an easy credit that can also count towards my Medical Science major since my schedule is pretty heavy...right now I am enrolled in Biochem 3386B but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions of easy courses?



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hey! sorry i didnt see this earlier. ive heard clinical biochem is straightforward, perhaps boring, and moderately difficult (which means makes are achievable with work).


ive heard positive things about one of the medical biophysics courses from two different people. note that this means both that the comments have been consistent and that my sample size is a mere two. anyway, you can check out the course evals for those courses.


i took path 3240 and 3245, but if you can only fit in one half credit, im not sure theyd work, since (i think?) 3240 is only offered first sem (whereas clin biochem is second), and 3245 is second, but has 3240 as a prereq. anyway, if you can make it work (i didnt quote you so i cant see your sched), 3240 is an okay choice. same deal as 3386 kinda... straightforward and bearable with work. the average for the class is usually like 80? im not sure. maybe higher.

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