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Any UofM PA/students out there? Text advice

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Hi Guys!


Just looking for some input. We received our list of required and recommended texts (along with our two reference texts: Cecil's & Toronto Notes). Would it be better to hold off until classes start to see what is really required, or would it be more proactive to buy for sure the required texts and have them for the start of classes? What did you find worked best? I know during my undergrad there were many classes that I didn't really need texts for, and got a long just fine with the powerpoint slides. But I don't know if it's like that for PA school.



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Hi there- not sure if you got any advice off board yet since you posted this. Speaking as a graduate of the program, you need both toronto notes and cecils as many of the exams are based on these texts. Also, with the toronto notes you get the mini pocket book which is really helpful for clinicals/early exposures.


The first semester will be your hard core sciences where I used toronto notes occasionally, especially with patient assessment/DDx. Cecils is needed for

2nd semester for sure for Adult med.


By January 2013, you should have both.


I went the summer before my classes started with a wagon and bought every book they suggested! lol ( fear factor).


Good luck!

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