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Although I didn't take either of those course, I took chem 301 (intro to biochemistry) in summer of 2007 and it was a very enjoyable experience. Obviously you need to be extremely independent and self motivated to do well, but as long as you keep up with the work and assignments then you should do fine if not great.


They course instructors were available and helpful if you need them, I think I only contacted mine once...


I got an A+ which translated to a 92 on my western transcript, and from my understanding which a much easier course than taking the equivalent at western.


I think either of the courses will be fine, but might want to wait until someone who actually took them chimes in.



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Guest andrea55

Do all of the Canadian schools allow online courses to satisfy the prerequisites? Such as the Athabasca sciences with the home lab component. Does this satisfy the whole requirement including the lab portion?

I have read on a few American school sites that they do not allow online work as prerequisites- and I believe McGill is the same.

Just wondering if anyone knew any specifics from the other schools in Canada.


thanks !

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