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Help with Bio - would be greatly appreciated


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I'm doing really poorly with bio, I've been studying with EK books but sadly my score is fluctuating alot in this section, and the highest I've come was a 9 but my scores are often in the 4-8 range. I don't have any pre-reqs and I'm trying to plan how to improve in bio, would taking the bio 1/2 pre-reqs help the most? Taking a prep course? Both? Time is a factor right now I'm working full time and taking some classes already this year, so whatever I would do would likely be next summer, unless possibly taking bio 1 is really important? I can try to squeeze that in.


Any suggestions for improvement? Maybe a tutor since this is my weakest area? But money dedicated to a tutor would match the cost of a prep course pretty fast. If anyone has taken some tutoring sessions for mcat bio do you have suggestions or feedback?


Thank you so much, sorry for all the trouble! I would greatly appreciate it!

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I also haven't done any prereqs and have both EK and The Princeton Review. I found that EK is great review if you've already studied the material somewhere else (like taken the course at uni), where TPR breaks everything down into a lot more detail for much better understanding. I haven't taken the MCAT yet but I've spent this summer working and studying mostly from TPR, and I MUCH prefer it to EK in this situation! Review EK once you have a good understanding of all the material because theirs is such a quick review you miss out on all the details! :)

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