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Still have chance for med school? Low Undergrad GPA Success Stories


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I am starting my third year as life science student at the Univeristy of Toronto, but technically I am a second year student because of the credits I earned.

Long story short I really screwed up my first two years.

After my first year of study I was in academic probation, then second year I did recover a bit but but cgpa for first two years is still below 2.0.

I really really want to give up now but I don't want to because I am welling to give my full effort to achieve my goal.


I just want to know if I still have chance for medical school.


If anyone was in a similar situation, but eventually succeeded get accepted into med school.

Please share your experience and tell me about your story of success. It would really encourages me because I really need it.


Hopefully people succeeded could also give me some advices on what I should do next.



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This is my third year at the Univeristy of Toronto, but technically I am a second year student because of the credits I earned.


Definitely possible. Do well in your 3rd and 4th year (at least >3.7), get a well-balanced, decent MCAT score (11-11-11) and you're still good for many Canadian schools.

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Self-reflect, go to counselling - determine the true reasons for your poor showing and take timely remedial action. You need to be strongly motivated to do well, prioritize, have no distractions, know how to study smart for you, know what works and what doesn't. It takes self-sacrifice and perseverance with no shortcuts. Taking courses that interest you really helps.

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Hey, by no means is mine a success story but WHAT I have accomplished in the last 6 months is no less than "success". Here goes. 1st 2 years undergrad 2.1 GPA, 3rd year 3.4 GPA, MCAT (1st try) 38. I am in the process of getting hired (cross fingers here) as a Research assistant with a prof I volunteered for last semester.


. I am not the most confident one in the block, to be honest I have only made 1 friend at my university so far, he shares the same goals and intensive academic mentality as mine, also in the same situation of doing bad first few years. I am pretty shy, but for the last 3 years I have dug myself a socially anxious hole and stayed in there hiding away from people just because of my failures. I am not completely out of it, but Im clawing up and getting myself out ( a bit over dramatic but you get the point). It took 1 year to fix 6 years worth of bad habits and lax attitude. I am volunteering in 2 Labs this year, and my prof is very much inclined on offering me another research assistant job in winter based on my academic performance and work in the lab. Life is not GOING GREAT, I simply MADE IT MORE POSITIVE. That is all I can to you. Alot of people will look at what I did and say that is nothing, but for me that is a tremendous amount of change, I'm also not naive and patting myself on the back for what I did. I am late in the race, I should have started this 1st year but do I GIVE UP? and Sit and Cry because "people" or "results" say that I cant get in based on my past performance. I'll cross that hurdle when it comes to it, but no way am I going to quit simply because the experimental data is against me.


I will end of with this, regardless of the mistakes you have made, dont ever bury yourself or pin yourself down, it is good to self reflect and learn from your mistakes but it is sheer idocy to act like an immature child and simply give up based on false notions. You dont know EVERY ADCOM, people on these forums dont know EVERY ADCOM. Try your hardest, put all of yourself into your work, and you will definitely gain benefit. You might make it to MedSchool after 2 years you might not, but working hard towards that goal will shape you into a responsible and efficient adult, and after you graduate you can decide what you want to pursue if you change your mind.



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