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Low GPA!

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Hi everyone,


I'm kind of panicking because I've been working on my OMSAS application (almost complete) and I realized that University of Toronto will not count my summer course marks into the GPA (because I did not take at least 3 during the summer as a 'full course load').


I know my chances are slim... but is it impossible? I feel like the rest of my application is quite strong, and it's been a few years since undergrad so I believe my 'maturity' and academic abilities are far beyond what my uGPA says.. I understand how competitive entry to Toronto is, however.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe they count your summer courses in your cGPA if you don't qualify for their weighting formula. So if you didn't take 5 courses a semester for every year in your undergrad, your summer courses will count towards your cGPA.


Someone else can confirm though.


No, UofT doesn't count summer courses towards your GPA (unless you're in a Co-OP program, which has its academic years in the summer)

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