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Should I apply? Advice needed.

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Felt this would be a more appropriate place to ask since my question is specific to Queens. Hope you guys can give me some genuine advice on my chances :o Thanks!


3rd year applicant (entering 3rd year this fall).


Undergrad: UTSG

Resident of Toronto.



Ottawa GPA: 3.97

Average: 90.3%

MCAT: 10(PS)/9(VR)/13(BS)/Q


ECs and Achievements:

  • NSERC scholarship. 2 publications in small impact journals, 2nd Author and Co-author. Research posters + Presentation at Conference

  • Volunteering of 200+hrs at a local hospital. Peer mentor for students with disabilities

  • Vice-President + Exec of 3 clubs.

[*]Top 100 at UofT. Deans list. Valedictorian of my HS (if this means anything)

Thank you!


Should I apply to Queens? Considering that they haven't accepted anyone with a 9 in VR since 2008. Has anyone gotten into Queens recently with a 9 in VR?

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