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Western second year medical Sc. tips and hints for fresh first year students

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This is about sharing information...


I would like you kindly share your experience with me if you have enough time to spare..


I wanna know more about:




-Is there mid-term exam,quiz, or it just happens at the end of each term?


-Is there extra curricular activities,writing essays and so,or it is like going to class and listen?


-Exams are multiple choice format(tests) or writing format?


-Profs prefer to have same questions as their final exam each year,or it would be different?(cheating on exam paper!)


-Reading class notes and or slides are enough to get good mark?





-Do profs set online their lectures to listen and watch?


-Is there any assignment or homework to do?


-Any sort of presentation?


-Should I have a voice recorder with myself in each session?Is it worth?


-Should I have take notes?


-Should I take notes each session or profs will give us hand outs?


-Should student buy books?


-Where should I go to buy past exams booklet?


-some profs prefer to introduce their published books,some even take exam papers out of it!That is the same pathway in Western?


-Is there any reliable source to get books for free if it is necessary?


-How many people generally participate in labs and lecture classes in the first year? 5,50, or 500?



3-tips on results:


-What is the best strategy to get good mark in Canadian study style at Western?(I know it may sound a little bit silly)


Any other kind of resources or sources of information would be appreciated.

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F_d will likely chime in, read one of her "signature posts" I'm unsure of which one it is.


Your whole first section is based on the prof. For example, my biol prof had one midterm and one final. My psych prof had 3 midterms, one final. It all depends on the prof, if they like long answer or multiple choice, if the exams are lecture based or text. Again, for example, my biol prof had a 100% lecture based exam. My psych prof was maybe 5% lecture 95% text, which means you could not go to class and still get a great mark.


Your second section is also based on you. Some people type notes in class, others write them by hand. Many profs will post notes online, so some students print that off and only write down key parts. All depends on how you learn and retain information. Always buy texts, at the very least you have something to refer to. The number of students in your class depends on your school, some classes have 60 kids, usually higher level classes. Others have 400.


There is also a topic I believe on f_d's signature that has how to get high grades for your third section.

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Did not attend that university so cannot really comment. However, early in undergrad, I became an independent, self-directed learner, and not being the brightest, I became a straight A student, which took an incredible work ethic and self-sacrifice.


Where exams were MC and text based, I avoided lectures as a total waste of time and used this time to greater advantage by studying the text. The prof was a waste of my time.


Where exams were lecture based, I attended lectures and took notes.


I always kept up to date and insured that I understood all the material. In other words, I became an efficient machine, one that was burnout my end of every semester. I took easy electives to balance my more difficult courses.

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