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OMSAS Vs. Ottawa U Website

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Two things I need clarified:

1. Ottawa U Med website states this:

"Your answers will be used to determine, along with other data, whether you will be invited for an interview. It is in your interest to be complete, yet brief and to the point. Answers must be typed and you are required to respect the space allocated. Answers in point form are easier to pursue. You are not writing a personal letter. We want to know what you have done in your life so far, why you did it, and what you have gained from it as a person and as a future physician. "


When listing these things they only have a box that says responsibility with 150 max character; I was wondering how one can talk about why we did the activity, what we gained from it as a person and a future physician when they don't give you any room to do so. Unless simply pointing out you responsibilities is enough and the committee will subjectively answer the above in bold


2. Ottawa U Med website states this:



List your employment in chronological order (starting with the most recent). Specify your education level during employment: i.e.: 1st year of university. Indicate if the employment was during the summer or academic year, part-time or full-time, the total number of hours and the number of years. Note your title and briefly describe your responsibilities."


OMSAS automatically lists all activities from earliest to most recent or is there a way to re-arrange them?



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I'm a first time applicant applying only to Ottawa U, I find OMSAS not to be user friendly. They just make it so hard, especially for Ottawa U application. It's good that for Ottawa U there isn't much to do but I feel I can't really express what I want to express using just the sketch and I find it very disheartening that I can't list a lot of things I have done just because it wasn't done during my post-secondary education. I know Ottawa U is trying to weed out people who do one thing one time and put it on their sketch but I have over 4 years of volunteering experience with over 1000 hrs of service at a hospital during high school, I can't even include that because it wasn't during my post-secondary education. I also have been working for a couple of years as a healthcare professional and I can't even include that because it's employment after my post-secondary education. It's as though Ottawa U doesn't really like mature applicants or applicants who have professional degrees. :P :p :P [end of rant lol]

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