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Worth taking another course?

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I just found out that Western requires 2 full years (5 full course load). I only have 1 full year, and to qualify I would need to take a full year for the upcoming school year (going into 4th year). I qualify for all other medical schools in Canada but Western. I am also out of province and was wondering if it would be worth me taking that full year this year, just so I can apply to Western. I have a lot of ECs going on this year, so if I don't HAVE to, I am just thinking of taking 4.5 courses


also, with Western and me out of province, is ther a large chance that I can get in? I don't want to have to carry a full course load if I have only a SLIGHT chance of getting into Western. My current GPA for the full year is 3.93 and mcat 14/13/14

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