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3rd Year: What are my chances??

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Hey guys,


So I'm from Calgary (won't count as OOP), and I left the province to study undergrad at UBC.


Firstly, does anyone know if I use the letter grade or percent grade conversion in UCAN?


If the former, my GPA is 3.94. I just got my MCAT: 13 11 11 (35 total). I am just going into 3rd year now. I have decent volunteer experience: 100+ hours at a long term care hospital, club executive for 2 years and minor lab experience (no publication or abstract yet).


Basically, what I'm most concerned about is the massive age difference. The stats say the average age is 27?? If I got in, that would mean I'd be 6 years younger than the average. Is the high average because UoC favours older people, or is that just because older people apply?


Can anyone lend me their insight?

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Hey I was an OOP 3rd year applicant (19 upon application, 20 upon interview) with a marginally higher GPA (4.0) but a lower VR (14 PS/10 VR/13 BS). I don't think the age difference made a big difference at all, especially during the interview since I scored in the 85th percentile and got in. Just answer everything with maturity and no one will care about your physical age.

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