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Toronto vs. McGill Pediatrics


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Hey guys,


Long time lurker here...


ROL deadline is coming up and I'm pulling my hairs deciding between ranking the Toronto and McGill first. I'm not from either school though I have friends in both places; I'm really looking for a new experience come residency. I'm looking ahead to doing the full 4 years of Gen Peds but I'm staying open to certain fellowships. I'd appreciate any thoughts people have about the programs - these are my main pros/cons so far:



-Pros: every subspecialty available; "learn from the experts"; reputation of SickKids (is this important?); strong advocacy projects; strong research opportunities; strong global health connections; tons of educational rounds all the time; big resident group/lots of social outings happening; I actually like the downtown Toronto area; program director seemed fantastic during interview day

-Cons: lots of fellows (though I think this con is overrated); 1 in 4 call schedule with no/minimal night float; no continuity clinic; running and biking routes not great with all the congestion downtown (this is important to me)



-Pros: still a big program but with a medium-sized residency group; lots of subspecialty exposure; also strong advocacy projects, research, global health; more culture of hands-on opportunities; less "babying" and more independence; continuity clinic; night float system; I'd prefer living in Montreal over TO

-Cons: reputation of being overworked; underpaid (this isn't a big deal to me); the French (mine isn't great but I did interview in French; worried about missing clinical opportunities because of potential language barriers in the future); the "politics of Quebec" (is this important?); the big move to the MUHC mega-hospital and the ensuing chaos (will this even happen next year?); I don't see myself working in Quebec afterwards.


Ultimately I think it comes down to the program vs. city. Both are great programs; I think the Toronto program is a better 'fit' for me and I know I'd do well, whereas McGill is riskier. However, I'd be happier living in Montreal much more, and life outside work is also important to me!


What to do?

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I can't really say much about the issue since I never went for peds, but I DO know that McGill (and all of Quebec) Peds residences are currently facing a major problem with getting specialties. In that, the Quebec government is trying to cut as many speciality positions as possible because they want to focus on Pediatric Generalists. So, from what I understand, the subspecialty match is getting harder and harder in Quebec and thus, if that's your end game is a subspeciality, I would go for a school where you actually have a chance of getting a spot in the carms minimatch.

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