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Backing Up: Elective Schedule?


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In terms of safety, is it worth applying to family medicine programs even though all of my electives are in one specialty (though a general one, aside from four weeks in the summer in psychiatry)?


I don't think I'd mind being a family doctor, but at this point my electives are pretty much set in stone except for one, so I'm wondering if it's worth using that block for a family medicine elective just to back up. I wouldn't mind also applying to psyc but I feel that the summer electives aren't enough to substantiate an application.


In terms of getting interviews, do family programs interview people without any electives in the field and is it worth cancelling the elective I have set up for the early fall to do a family elective? Thank you.








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It never hurts to apply to more programs. At a certain point you're only really out $25, and the worst that will happen is not getting an interview. So, apply, yes, unequivocally. 


But a family med application will certainly be better if you have an FM elective. Often just one might be enough - in this case it's hard to say because you haven't revealed what your primary specialty of interest is. 


As for psych, if you have experience and letters, that will be enough to get interviews, but probably not enough to get a spot at one of the more competitive programs. 


Hope that helps. Basically the most important advice for CaRMS is never to limit what you apply to. If you have some interest, apply, and the wider you cast your net the better. Can always decline interviews or limit your rankings later. 

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Thank you for the advice. I will look into changing my electives schedule so that I have a viable back up.


As an applicant this year......I don't think any field likes it when you use them as backup..but that being said it is important to have a good idea and a convincing argument why you want to go into family medicine or you have a high potential of blowing your interview


During the carms tour they gauged my true dedication to FM through many different variations of a similar question - i.e. (1) one event that led you to family medicine (2) why are you good for FM (3) what do you hate about FM (4) what are some of the roles of famly doctors (5) explain the manager role of a FM (6) which electives did you do and why are you going in those fields ...they just don't ask you why are you choosing FM...and if you used FM as a backup and are not prepared i'm sure they can see right through that

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