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Taking The Same "withdrawn" Course The Following Year


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Let's say I dropped a course last semester. Now that my transcript has a "W" beside it for that course instead of a grade ("Withdrawn without academic penalty"), do medical schools (or any professional schools for that matter, if anyone has that kind of info.) care if I retake that same course next year?


I'm asking because I can either retake that course next year to fulfill my degree's requirements or take another course, so I have a few options. I found the course interesting so I kinda want to retake it next year. But, obviously not if it's going to negatively impact how adcoms view my transcript. As far as I know there's no official policy on repeating dropped courses but I'm looking for some confirmation. I kept my full courseload though (one of my lab courses stretches both semesters) so that's not really an issue.

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