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 Just got thinking about the scale. How do they come up with the cut offs anyway. As mentioned in my other thread to get a 4.0 i need to get a 94 or higher, and 3.9 is 85-93. If I were at dalhousie I would just need a 90+ to get a 4.0 which I feel is much easier to attain than a 94.

I mean you could say it is easier here and that is why they do it, but having many friends in both schools we all agree the work load, and marking it pretty consistent between MUN and DAL. In fact I have a friend in first year DAL now that I lent many of my first year tests to, and they told me their tests were much easier and shorter. Seems like the scale puts mun at an unfair disadvantage..


 .. things I wish I had've known going in :P

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