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Guest QuestionMan23213

**I also posted this in the regular American forum below**


I have a few questions I was hoping some of the moderators or others could help out with:


I have decided to apply to American universities this month but I will be rewriting the MCAT in August. I am wondering if anybody off-hand knows of any mid-tear or even low-tear schools that do *not* require the english course. So far I have only found:


Albany, Vermont, and Jefferson College.


When I was applying to American dental schools 2 years back, a lot of US schools allowed me to waive the english requirement with my completion of the Ontario OAC English course. Does this apply to medical schools as well? Or conversely, can courses taken in social sciences (psych) that have significant essay components be used in place of the english?


Secondly, what is the best way to go about finding schools that accept Canadians, other than emailing every single school of interest. I had the Barrons book last year which provided some good information, but are there any other similar books out there that include comprehensive details of prereqs, gpa/mcat scores, and canadian student eligibility?


Lastly, given that my gpa is only 3.64, is there any point applying? I believe I can obtain a 29-30 on the mcat (as its my 2nd attempt now) but ive heard chances are markedly reduced if the schools have to wait till october to receive my most recent scores.


Thanks for all of your help.


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Take a look at the Medical School Admissions Requirements book. This book can be bought on amazon.com. It answers most of the questions you have with regard to GPA, MCAT scores, applicants applied, interviewed, accepted, etc. It also gives an overview of each school's curriculum. It also lists admissions office phone numbers, emails, contact people, etc. It also has a lot of useful information about Canadian schools as well.


There is a list at the top of this page that lists schools accepting Canadians. This list varies slightly from year to year so you have to be sure to call each school to verify the information, but it should be a good place to start.

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Guest Gem2005



I have a question regarding credits for med school in the U.S.

If someone has completed dental school by the time they apply to medicine, do they have to start over or get credits for one or two years.


I am asking because there is a rumor that dental applicants complete less years in medical school. Does anyone know if there's any truth to that?




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Guest docbil

I heard this before.


You will have to check with individual schools.


If the courses for dentistry is the same. IDENTICAL... some are. I would be surprised if the schools don't accept them. Assuming you did it in a US or Canadian institution (average or better).

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