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bad timing but need advice!

Guest MDbadly

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Guest MDbadly

Hi all, realize it's bad timing to ask advice but I couldn't stay away form the forum. First, congrats to those who have heard, good luck to those waiting and a good summer break for all moderators. I guess I'm living vicariously through you guys by reading posts on this forum.


I am in need of some advice since I can't really think straight right now, so it would be nice to have some input from others.


I have always wanted to be a doctor since high school but unfortunately things didn't work out. However, I seemed to have problems letting go (all my friends back then who didn't get in went into other careers and are successful and happy except me).


Academically, I could only apply to Western and Sask due to their adm formula which works to my advantage wrt GPAs. However, I do not have the MCAT. Wrote it once and had horrible scores. Lack strong foundation in science course and have taken them long time ago. Recently glanced over some MCAT practice problems and thought I was reading another language... a big problem!!! I don't know if it's because I don't have the science knowledge so it seems over my head or because I could not see the application side to these questions (and not just memorizing and reguritating facts).


The PROBLEM is I just got accepted into a health related program and wondering if I should go??? This is the only planB for me. If somehow there's a guarantee that I would get into medicine I would not go. However, there is no such thing. That leaves me in between a rock and a hard place. GPA is very competitive for both schools but no MCAT. Should I refuse and take the MCAT (even though my chances of making the MCAT is very slim) to follow my dreams or should I be more realistic and recognize that I may not have it in me and move on with my life?


Sorry for the long post. I would really be greatful to hear some input/advice from you guys.



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Guest UWOMED2005

I think it depends on the Health related career in question, whether you can apply to meds out of that program, and most importantly what YOU want.


But here's what I'd do. . . I'd accept that program, but also write the MCATs again and apply in the fall to UWO to U Sask. Why not have your cake and eat it too? But of course, if we're talking about grad school here you'll have to finish the degree before registering at UWO. . .

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Guest PDSP



If medicine is really what you think that you are meant to do, then I think there exists another option for you. This one is the risky option.


You could potentially ask for a deferral of one year for your current educational offer. If you completely devote yourself to the pursuit of medicine, then take the complete summer off this year. Spend hours upon hours learning the material for the MCAT. You could even enroll in some courses (perhaps by correspondence) if you need either the knowledge or the prereqs. If you are having difficulty picking-up the MCAT knowledge the perhaps a prep course would do you well. The resources at the prep locations are great for giving a multitude of questions in an environment that won't distract you. I found (and I wrote the MCAT twice) that the best way to study (once you've learned the basic material) is to do as many practice tests as possible. You can buy them directly from the AAMC. I think there is even an on-line option.


At the same time this summer, you could search out some clinical hospital experience (either volunteering or doing clinical research). This will show devotion to medicine and provide you with a better idea of the medical world.


Then, come September, start formulating your responses to the essay questions (I know UWO has no questions, but I am uncertain about Sask). Talk with those already in the med schools to which you will be applying and ask them to provide advice on your responses. Some of them may even give you their work from their application as an example of a "successful" application.


At this stage, you could go back to work (or perhaps start that other educational program). But over the course of the winter, work hard on preparing for interviews. I know some people (like myself) that spent many hours asking themselves the introspection questions, reviewing current issues, learning ethics, and understanding the schools to which they were applying.


Many people in medical school applied multiple times before the gained acceptance. If this is your dream, then give it a chance and follow the risky path. If it doesn't work out at the end of one year (or two years, or three years) then move on,


I too wanted to medicine since high school, but found other interests for a while. I am now 27 and just got an acceptance for next year.



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Guest UofCMeds2005

I totally agree with all the aforementioned advice. Also, never compare yourself to other people. Your friends may have switched paths b/c it was not really and truly what they wanted. Some people get into med on their first try, some on their 5th. If this is what you really want - I agree with the aforementioned advice - go for it. As for the MCAT - if you feel you need extra help take a prep course. They give classroom style lectures that help you brush up on the basics and like previously mentioned have tons of practice tests. ALOT of people write the MCAT more than once and get in - so don't that stop you :)


Good Luck!

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