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Guest gonzo23



Ok... I'm going to ask for any help possible. Here's my situation. I'm in biochemistry at UWaterloo, going into 4th year. OMSAS GPA is 3.84 and my old MCAT was 6V, 12P, 11B, O-writing. I applied to Mac, UT and Ottawa last year and didn't get one interview (but wasn't even eligible for OTtawa due to co-op). I'm writing the MCAT again in august and have been doing better on verbal (9s and 10s) so hopefully I'll be set for next year.


But this coming fall I'll be going to england on an academic exchange, and am really concerned about having enough time to apply to schools. I want to apply out of province and in-province as well as to the states (I'm an ontario resident) but don't know how my stats. compare to others. I have 2 years of research experience (academia and industry) and have volunteered a fair bit (but nothing stellar). I am learning sign language and pursue orchestral performance (my big non-science endeavour).


I just wanted to know how some matriculants would view my situation. I'm definitely applying to Ontario schools (cross fingers for MCAT!!!) but I don't know how low my chances are at OOP schools. As well, AMCAS has already started their applicants right? so I'll be handing them in late! and what about early decision stuff? is it worth it? I don't mind taking a year off if things don't work out next year, but at the same time want to give next year's applications my best shot!


So many questions... any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Guest aneliz



As far as the Ontario schools go, your biggest obstacle to overcome is that MCAT...a 6V and O on WS are not going to get you too far in Ontario. Aim for at least a 9 and P.


Your GPA is fine, your extracurrics are likely fine etc.


Apply to the Ontario school NOW!!! Do it in the summer, the OMSAS application is up NOW. You can do it BEFORE you write the MCAT again....and submit it before you go away. If you do it now, you will avoid rushing later and also avoid a slow server as the deadline approaches.


As for out of province stuff....I have no idea what the deadllines are like, but you will have a bigger fight to get an interview as an OOP than you will in Ontario. Your GPA is competitive for OOP, but any OOP application is never a sure bet either way.


As for AMCAS....get it done ASAP!!! Again, the applications are up now and seeing as the US uses rolling admissions, the faster you get your AMCAS app in, the faster you will get your secondaries, the faster you can get them done and the better your chances....


So, do not pass go, do not collect $200....go directly to AMCAS and OMSAS and start filling out applications!


Good luck!!!

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