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Psychology major at brock a good idea??

Guest Copasetic

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Guest Copasetic

I am looking at applying to Brock U. I would like to Major in Psychology, and take all required courses to ace the MCAT. I should gain mature entrance to Brock, whereby, I can take PHYC 1F90, and something else (Chem, Phys, Bio). Firstly, is Psychology difficult to score a high GPA in?? Secondly, is PSYC 1F90 -alot- of work? I would be doing this as a night class, with 2 hours of LEC, and 1 hour of Seminar every Monday. I need to attain a minimum 60% average in both courses I choose to gain full time entry to persue my undergrad. I am sure I can do this quite easily, but I'm really curious as to what second class I should take. I would prefer to take a needed med course. Ideas?


Kind regards,


Trevor Welsh

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