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Uofa Gpa Calculation

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Hi everyone,


Can someone please explain UofA's GPA calculation for me?


From what I understand A/A+ are both equivalent to 4.0's and UofA goes back into the latest term to average those grades as opposed to ORPAS, where they will average the complete year to get the remaining 20 credits.


Is it possible to have very different ORPAS and UofA sGPA? For example, I calculated my ORPAS sGPA to be around 3.69 whereas the conversion for UofA I went up to around 3.85 (I had one C+ that isn't looked since it's in the fall term)


Using the ORPAS for my school's calculation works out to be: A = 3.8 and A+ = 4.0


Just wondering if I'm understanding correctly or completely wrong... I'd really appreciate your help.


Thanks so much! 

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Alberta's GPA calculation is very odd, I can't quite figure it out. My ORPAS subGPA was a 3.85 and U of A GPA was a 4.0. I didn't expect that, but it must've been true because, according to a representative from the department, the out of province cut-off was a 4.0 to receive an interview. I have heard from some people that they take your percent average and then convert that to a GPA, and others say that it's different from school to school. Email her and she will let you know though!

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