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phoning tracy?

Guest Cowboy Mouse

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Guest amoeba joe

Hi Moose,

Although it is incredibly tempting to call Tracy, she is dealing with hundreds of phone calls and emails each day. I doubt she would tell you whether your file has been reviewed yet. I know the wait is killer, but phoning Tracy won't speed things up.


Hang in there...

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Guest eJaya

I agree- the poor woman is swamped and calling won't really make it get to you faster. I know it's a long wait but at least hold off til June- when you are going completely crazy.


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Guest arcticaguy

I don't think Tracy can give you many details unless she knows your file had been reviewed and a letter had been sent in the mail. The reason is that she would have had to have printed those letters already. Otherwise, she probably wouldn't know about the status of your application any more than you or I.....

The office is very hectic at this time of year, so as difficult as this sounds, I would refrain from calling until sometime in June.....

All the best of luck.

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