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Applying To Md And Md/phd At The Same School


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It really depends on the school...

I haven't applied to more than one so I cannot say, but seeing how early the MD/PhD interviews are sent out, conducted, and selected I imagine they select all the MD/PhD's first before sending out offers/interviews for MD. 

For example in Ontario:

In the fortunate circumstances one get's an MD/PhD interview and gets accepted, they will have limited time to accept that offer. And once you accept that offer, you will be taken off the interview list/eligibility for any other school in Ontario. So you could technically be given invitations to interviews for both MD/PhD and MD, and also attend the both interviews, but you would never be in the circumstances to choose between one or the other simultaneously. Now if you didn't get in to MD/PhD, then you can look forward to grinding your teeth and hoping to the big guy that you get offered MD  acceptance. This is all within Ontario.

That being said, I guess you could technically accept the MD/PhD offer and accept a MD program offer if you also interviewed OOP. But that is really poor professionalism. No candidate/applicant should be using the MD/PhD as a backdoor into medical school. This is probably one of the reasons why schools make candidates interview earlier and accept their MD/PhD earlier in the cycle.

If anyone else reads this and I'm not correct please correct me! I only applied to one MD/PhD program so I don't really know how it works Canada wide.

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Don't think of the PhD part of the MD/PhD as "the easier part".   It is not interviewed like a traditional PhD program.


In Ontario, all schools have agreed to a common earliest accept deadline date for MD/PhD.  You will be able to see all your Ontario MD/PhD offers before having to decide.  


If you have been accept into MD/PhD, you are in theory are also accepted to MD,  but the mechanics of that are not documented . It might be a rather uneasy discussion.   Would be good to hear back from anyone on the forum that did reject MD/PhD in favor of MD at the same school and how that transpired.


If you do not intend to accept an MD/PhD offer, do not apply to it.  It is not in any way a backdoor or give an advantage to an MD acceptance. 

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