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Second Year Student Starting New 4 Year Program From The Beginning.


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Although there have been many threads started regarding a similar question, my ordeal is more specific. Coming out of highschol my plan was to study to become a lawyer, that is what was expected of me, especially within my family. I am currently in my 2nd year of my BA and lost complete focus and motivation within my courses, as I recently realized I have been pressuring the wrong career. I am not an Arts student, my heart belongs to science and medicine. Unfortunatly I realized that after I had let my GPA fall to bellow a 2.5. My plan is now to change degrees entirely and reapply to the med science program at Dalhousie, starting from the beginning and completing the full 4 year program. My concern is that although I'm changing my degree entirely and doing another 4 years, my previous 2 years of my BA will impact my getting accepted into med school. What are you suggestions or opinions? I would love to head from anyone and everyone as I am very stressed about this, it consumes my thoughts 24/7.

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