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I wish to have more informations concerning the second degree for Medical school admission at McGill. 

I have a Bachelor degree in Microbiology and I am gonna apply for a biology major at the University of Montreal(60 credit).  Atleast 20 credits will be transferred from my previous degree since i have done all of the first year sciences classes.  I wonder would those transfer credit count in the 45 credit requirement before the November deadline? I was told that their grades will not be taken in account but they can be used to reduce the credit requirement.  I have a 3.6 GPA. IP student.   I didnt apply. 

Second question if I were to start another bachelor would i have to finish the 120 credits or just 60? The last part on the site says, a degree must conferred but obviously with 120 credits, a degree will not be conferred if i only do 60 credits.

Thank you 



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Change your username and then we talk. All jokes aside I did exactly what you did. McGill first, went to UdeM after. You wouldn't have to do the 120 whole credits as you will be getting transfer credits. You will get to get equivalencies for most of the classes that you've already done. There will be forms to fill out for each class, but it's a fairly straightforward process.

Inbox me if you have more specific questions.

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