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Hi everyone!


I was browsing YouTube today and I came across this video:


I didn't even know that these videos existed but I thought that they were very fun and creative and also pretty motivational!

I'm not trying to promote anything but I thought that this is just a pretty relatable video to watch as a pre-med, med student, traditional and non-traditional student. Just a little something that I thought I'd share if you have a little free time.


I wonder if other schools in Canada have done similar things to these! I could only find the U of Alberta one and most of them are US schools.


Have a nice day!  :)

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Oh yes they are common :) At Western we had/have Tachycardia (our yearly musical play) - where each year puts on a play to mock some part of the system. Raises a ton of funds - many other schools are similar. 

Oh awesome! So where do the funds go if you mind me asking? Are they donated or do they go to the med school program?

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