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R1-R7 left me crying in the dust

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Please, I need someone's guidance. Perhaps a current Calgary med student or someone who knows the process well. 

Med school is my absolute dream and I've sacrificed more than I'd like to admit to be here and be eligible to apply to UofC. 

I have very diverse, and impressive if I may say, set of experiences and I really believe I can positively contribute to med Class of 2021. Where I struggle is putting into words that I want to share about my life. The last application cycle I made sure to absolutely nail the CANMED points in each and every Top 10, and had it reviewed by med students and friends. But I still scored <20th percentile in each R1-R7. 

I'm dumbstruck. 

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Welcome to the party :cool:

14 hours ago, dancemom said:

First time applicant here - what are the R1-R7?

They are the criteria Calgary uses to judge your application (at least there were 7 last year) it looks like they updated it this year !


Basically it's the interpersonal/maturity/are you a shitty human aspects of the application vs the academic aspect. It's where you get to show off you as a person and how you contribute to your community! 

Dr Walker the admissions head from Calgary has a really good video up on the website that you should check out about writing your application to Calgary! It's long but definitely a must!

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