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Multiple MCAT Scores (best score or score that meets all cutoffs)

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Hey guys!

Looking for someone's input. I have 2 MCAT scores - one is higher but I am pretty sure all the sections won't meet the section cutoffs. The second one overall score is lower but I am sure it will meet overall and individual section cutoffs. Anyone know if Queens will automatically select the overall highest score and hence disqualify me for not meeting individual section cutoffs or will notice that I have a second MCAT score that meets individual section cutoffs and overall cutoff. Really worried about this so hoping someone has knowledge about this.


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3 hours ago, Jaeger said:

They can't use the first one (the one with the higher total) because one section doesn't meet the cutoffs. 

So they'll look at your second one (the one where all the cutoffs are met). 

My concern has been the system would just pick up the one with higher overall score cuz on their website it says they use the MCAT with highest score?

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