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Medical Laboratory Assistant (what hours are accountable?)

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Hi guys, 

In addition to my BSc degree that is in progress, I have completed a Medical Laboratory Assistant Certificate that is considered an 8 month, part time certificate (4 months, full time). I have completed this certificate while taking the semester off of course work, and working full time at a therapy center. I believe this will strengthen my application and it has provided my excellent clinical experience.

I am stuck in yonder, of what I can add into my hours in totality? It is on paper, roughly 15 hours/week of in class theory. I have taken it online/correspondence, but I am going with the outline of the course at the college. " Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 9pm. The lab portion takes place on most Saturdays, from 8:30am to 3pm". 

384 hours is calculated of how much extra curricular time I have put into this. I am not sure if I am able to put this into my application when I am in the process. 

So, 384 hours of theory/labs, and I also did a one month practicum of exactly 160 hours. So, in total, 544 hours were put into this certificate and i'm curious if I am able to dock this into my excel sheet of my accumulated hours of EC's. 


Hope that was clear as mud.



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It isn't a part of your BSc, which is why you would list them both separately :) Your practicum sounds like a coop term (although unpaid) which people put in employment, but since you weren't paid for it, it would go under EC. It does merit itself as EC since it's a valuable experience. But like I said, don't include those class hours. No one says they spent xxx hours in classes/labs as part of their BSc right

In essence, if you want to put these hours as EC, use the 160 not 544

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