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Exceptions to full time requirement?

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On 6/13/2018 at 1:58 AM, doctor_snow said:

The NTP pathway is for exceptions to that requirement. AFAIK, new this year, if you have an advanced degree, you can request an exemption and be considered in the baccalaureate rather than the NTP stream.

Exception 2 here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/ntp

Are you sure that's what that says? My understanding is that exemption is in relation to pre-reqs, not full-time status/studies?

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I know of students who had PT degrees for good reasons who got exemptions. Which is great because that was a stupid requirement that mostly only selected for high parental income. Afaik it’s case by case though.

Wrt your other question, non degree courses do count in your GPA. McGill calculates the gpa using its own calculation with the grades you enter into the worksheet. 

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