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Advice on how to schedule courses for Second Undergrad

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Thank you to everyone who helped me decide to do a second undergrad! I spoke with an academic counsellor and they recommended I do a Double Major in Med Sci and Psych because I have a lot of credits I can transfer to that degree and finish in 2 years.

However, there are 2 second year core courses I must complete in order to graduate from this degree, one is genetics (0.5 credit, bio department) and the other is research methods (1.0 credit, psych department). Looking at my past degree, I feel like my worst marks were in these second year core courses and I'm so nervous to do them that I'm second guessing my academic capabilities. They're not offered in the summer so I can't do them then. I'm really aiming for at least a 3.7/3.8 in these 2 years, especially in this year so I can hopefully, at least, guarantee an interview invite at Schulich for when I can apply in Fall 2019.

I know I need to take the psych core course this year in order to take the upper year courses the following year. But should I also take the other core course along with it? I don't want to overwhelm myself (I'm getting anxious just thinking about it). 

Any advice is appreciated and sorry if I sound really scattered

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I'm in similar position as you and thought I'd just give my 2 cents.

I remember dropping genetics first time round cause it seemed overwhelming. Second time round I made sure I paid attention from day 1 of classes and ended up doing well in the course. I made sure I was up to date with readings and doing practice questions - asked my TA's if I had any questions, did my own research, used Khan academy - just do your utmost best and believe me if I could do well in this course, you DEFINITELY can. As for the research methods course, It's not that bad honestly (found it easier than genetics)- just make sure you understand all the concepts, analyse graphs well, etc - again just pay attention and do all the required work as you would with any other course you're going to be taking (cause this time round you want to give you utmost best in all your courses!) and you WILL and CAN do well.

I would try to take the 2 courses in different semesters - one in fall the other in winter. I know its scary, trust me there are days I just have mental breakdowns and worry what the future holds - but just pick yourself up and keep going! Good luck!

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