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NAQ editing and review

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Hey everyone! 

I've been getting a lot of questions about NAQ  so I figured I post here  just a few pointers and if you have more specific questions, then feel free to PM.

1. Keep your descriptions succinct. You have only 350 characters, so every character counts! 

2. Everything counts! There's no such thing as "unimportant" or "not meaningful" experience. If you participated in something or something happened to you, don't shy away from including it! 

3. Be descriptive. Tell them WHAT you did, admissions have no idea what you've them if you don't describe the things you were responsible for doing.

This forum has been super helpful to me so I'm willing to offer anyone who messages me approx ~30 mins to review their application. In past years, I have done the same for other premeds from this forum who were able to score 33+ on the NAQ and an interview despite a low GPA. Since the NAQ is the more subjective aspect of the application, writing good descriptions of the NAQ is key to getting an interview - especially if your GPA is on the weaker end! 



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