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The lowest 30 credits in one particular year are dropped. I believe summer courses are counted, except for the summer before the current application cycle, ie this summer's grades will not count towards the AQ calculation (I could be wrong on this, so someone please correct me if so). 

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10 hours ago, Olle said:

Your lowest year is dropped regardless of the number of credits you took for that year.

Close, but not quite. If you are eligible for AGPA, your lowest 30 credits in a single year will be dropped. Therefore, if  you took more than 30 credits, only the lowest 30 will be removed and the rest will still contribute towards your AGPA. Here is a blurb directly from the UBC Admissions website. 


 At most, 30 credits can be dropped. If more than 30 credits are presented in the worst academic year, the 30 credits with the lowest grades will be removed. 


1 hour ago, Gambinoooo said:

Lowest year by GPA or %? For me, my lowest GPA year isn't the same as my % average year.

It will be lowest year after converting your grades to percentage, as UBC does not use GPA but rather a percentage system.



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3 hours ago, puglife123 said:

So say I have low grades in my first and second year that I want to drop... would that mean I could only drop courses from one year? And if I want to keep the courses I did well in, does that I drop fewer than 30 credits?  

Nope. It's at most 30 credits dropped from exactly one year of study (your lowest).

1) The system will pick your lowest year GPA-wise, then;

2a) if you have more than 30 credits in that year it will exclude the 30 lowest credits from that year in your AGPA and keep the remainder OR

2b) if you have fewer than 30 credits in that year, it will exclude the entire year from the AGPA calculation.

3) If you have fewer than 30 credits in your lower year, you don't get to carry any "extra" credits over and drop additional courses from additional years.

4) You don't get to pick and choose which courses are kept and which are excluded. 

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41 minutes ago, Leyan said:

If I qualify for AGPA calculation, will they only consider the AGPA for admission? Or will they also take into account my overall GPA?

Pre-interview, your AQ is coming solely from your AGPA (if you qualify).

Post-interview is quite complicated as they suggest they consider everything.  I take this to mean that they look at your overall average as well, including trends, course loads, etc.

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