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AADSAS Credit transcript entry HELP

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For people who have applied to American Dental Schools.

I've heard that all Canadian Universities have 1 lab out of Organic/Inorganic Chem 1,2. (So OC1 has lab but OC2 has no lab)

If then, how do you guys put down the credit hours? In US school, 3credit for 1 semester course without lab, 4 credit course with lab and OC1and OC2 both have labs. But Canadian dont.

However, students are accepted. Do you guys put down 3credit for without and 5credit for with to make 8 total which is the requirement? 

Is there anyone from University of Toronto? How did you guys put down the credit? 0.5 or 3.0 by converting it by your self?


Thank you in advance for replies

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