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Does completing a master's significantly bolster an application on its own? Does it matter if I do my master's at UBC or another university?

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Hello all!

My GPA is a bit on the lower end of the spectrum at ~3.73 and I am looking at a master's degree in order to both bolster my GPA and also gain some research experience, perhaps a publication or two. I would first like to ask if this is "valid" in the sense that improvements towards my GPA through a master's degree will be fully counted by the medical school admissions board? (i.e. is it frowned upon to improve GPA through a master's?)

I would also like to ask if I should do my master's at SFU since that is where I'll be graduating from or if I should instead be looking to get into a Master's program at UBC (in terms of having the best chance of being accepted into the UBC MD program)? If so, do any programs stand out (in your opinion) as ones that would serve a medical school application well? 

Thank you for your time!

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