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Hi guys, this might have been discussed already. But I will you like to know if my references are good enough for the OMSAS application.

1. Md/ head of anesthesiology (from back him)

2. Nursing director (back home)

3. Clinical educator/patient care manager ( Toronto) 

OMSAS mentions that at least one of the references must be non-academic/ character reference. But the above mention people know me extensively. Should that be ok? Or should I try to find someone else (non-academic?) 


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Hi guys,

Just wanted to know your thoughts - when it comes to academic references the only have two:

First one is professor whose lab I volunteered in as research assistant for a year. However, the only time we would interact with the professor is the weekly meetings. Has anyone ever been in a similar position and had to ask the prof for a letter, but wasn't sure how well the reference letter would be? 

The second would be a professor (and scientist) who I did a research paper with, but wasn't in any of his classes - but I just found out he's retired as a prof a couple of weeks ago, so I'm assuming his title as professor won't appear on my reference letter. Would this still count as an academic reference? most importatntly would having only one academic and 2 non academic references hurt my application?

Any input would be truly appreciated! Thanks! :)

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