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Is it okay to write casually on Casper?


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I've been reading some sample answers online and most of them seem carefully constructed with elaborate vocabulary. When I tried answering a few scenarios I found that it was much easier for me to get my point across by avoiding "nice" words or trying to make it sound like an essay, and instead writing what came to mind but using the key words that the scenario provided.

Is this okay? Will I lose marks for not making it sound very eloquent?

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Not that I'm completely familiar with the grading of the Casper Test,  but I wouldn't think the eloquence of our responses to matter too much. I'd imagine the content to be of greater importance... that is, as long as you are able to articulate your ideas clearly, it should be fine. Of course, evaluators might be more impressed with coming across a well-worded answer over one that isn't, but that might be more of an unconscious bias on their part as opposed to any explicit grading criteria stating that we have to word it nicely. These are just my thoughts however, I'm still an applicant!

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