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Extra undergrad courses after completing 120 credits

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Does anyone know how will Ottawa med school look at someone who has already done 120 credit without graduating and who adds a minor to complete a 5th year. It is not to boost my gpa , but it is because I was a part-time student during my first two years so since I am now in my fourth year, I am thinking to add a 5th year to make my 3 th, 4th and 5 th year for uottawa. 

Does anyone has a success story by doing extra classes that won't give you credit for your degree?

Is it better to do a second UG ?

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I am in my fourth year. 

I only need 30 credits to finish my degree, but since I was part time for my first and second year ( for medical reasons) , I decided to stay for an extra year.  At the end of my 5 th year my transcript will show the grades but some courses wont't have credits since I will be doing more than 120 credits. 

My gpa for my third year is 3,925 and I expect something similar for my fourth year. 

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