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Canadian student applying to US dental

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Hi everyone, I'm a Canadian student thinking about applying to American dental schools. I know the cost is absolutely crazy, and I will be overloaded with loans but I still want to know the GPAs that some people get in with. The class statistics of some schools like NYU range mostly between 3.30 - 3.90 , but that's not really specific. If any Canadians could share their gpa and the schools they got accepted to (in the US) it would be very helpful :)

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On 11/17/2018 at 5:30 PM, themuffinman11 said:

I have a 3.77 on AADSAS (4.0 scale) and got 5 interviews so far. 

Basically as a Canadian, you want to apply to private schools and generally you'll probably want to be above or at least at the average for GPA/DAT requirements for a school since we are applying as international students and there are less seats for us.

Can i ask which schools gave you interviews?

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