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I was looking into ways to fund dental school in the states & I was just wondering if anyone knew what banks give out the best LOC's for students planning to go to the states? 

I'm an Ontario resident & I'm with RBC. However, RBC would only give you 150K to go the states.... lool


Thank you!

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Will likely need a lot of collateral for a loan; a good friend of mine had to get her parents to put their house as collateral on a 300k USD loan for her medical school. No other way really, unless you have liquid cash. Canadian banks aren't as friendly to student going to the US.

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Unfortunately Canadian banks don't like to give out the max LOC to students going to the US or abroad. You can still use a collection of LOC + Canadian student loans + another possible LOC. I have heard of people getting two LOC's from different banks. It could add up to a solid 250-300K which may or may not cover your tuition+expenses in the states. 

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