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is my med dream alive?

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Definitely. Anything is possible.

My first year GPA was a ~3.4 on a 4.3 scale and didnt think medicine would happen for me. Fortunately schools are lenient will weight your GPA dropping a few of your bad courses, especially if they were in first year.

Keep studying and keep pushing yourself, but enjoy the ride. Life also gets stressful in medicine. So take the time to enjoy the journey. If you keep working hard and keep pushing youll get there.

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28 minutes ago, ilikebirds said:

No hope here if I continue to get 3.9 for my remaining 5 semesters? I think I will because this semester is the last one where I have to take any hard classes

if you continue getting 3.9+ and have at least 2 full time years like that then for Queen's and Western you'll be good, GPA wise. Ottawa try and aim for 3.95+. Mac will definitely be dependent on your CARS and CASPer, and Toronto it's hard to say because it'll depend on your weighted GPA if you're eligible. Best to look up their gpa calculations on the website.

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