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Hello. Everyone, im a student from Spain, i came to Canada as a tourist a few years ago, im working as well to get my residence, i studied in economics and finance in Spain, but medicine is what i really like, so i would like to know what are the steps to follow and my possibilities to study in Canada.

Thank you everyone have a good day.

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You will need to have completed the equivalent of a University undergrad in Spain.  You need to have your grades (GPA) converted to Canadian using  wes.org or similar.  If you have a recognized undergrad and you have a +3.8 GPA start looking at the requirements at a few schools.  You will need to write the MCAT exam for most schools. This might be a step learning curve if you did not take Sciences in school.    You also need to get your permanent residence lined up.

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Until you get your permanent residence set up, you can't apply to medical school in Canada. Well, you CAN, but its practically impossible to get in as an international student - most med schools flat out don't accept international students or only accept 1 or 2. Also, its MUCH, MUCH more expensive. For example, McMaster University accepts international students, but the cost of tuition is $96,000 PER YEAR for three years, compared to $29,000 per year for Canadian citizens/PRs. My advice would be to try and do medical school in the UK or Ireland, do your post-grad training there and then come to Canada that route. It will take a much longer time but its more realistic. 

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