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PARO Insurance - pre-existing/new condition?


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Hey guys,

I'm a resident and frequent premed101er. I'm using an anonymous account because I've got a sensitive question, and too many people know who I am. I'm wondering what the rules for new/pre-existing conditions are for PARO? Let's say you're newly diagnosed within a year of starting residency with a chronic disorder (may or may not be debilitating long term)...what happens? And what if there was a symptom that was documented just prior to when you started residency.

Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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You get long term disability insurance through paro while a resident. Pre-existing conditions should affect it. That being said it will expire when you become a staff. That is why a lot of the OMA and RBC insurance companies speak at the end of medical school. Most do not require a physical etc. look into that.

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