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Currently on my 2nd maternity in residency (BC). Feel free to PM me. 

You will qualify for maternity leave benefits. Other details (top up, etc). Depend on your province. Your program should be able to help with details. Let them know as soon as you are comfortable (2nd tri?) so you can reschedule rotations and plan duration of leave. 

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On 4/13/2019 at 1:24 PM, Bambi said:

Subject to verification, you need 6 months employment to qualify for unemployment insurance. However, you start being employed July 1. You will be entitled to maternity leave, but I am unsure if you will have entitlement financially, I think not., 

You don’t need 6 months. It’s based on hours. Residents meet the requirement in about 4 months (working 37.5h per our pay). 

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