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I'm currently finishing up my 3rd year of undergrad and am looking into applying to UBC Medical School next year. However, I won't be in classes next year (co-op), so I was thinking it might be wisest to ask for an academic reference from one of my profs this term. 


Apart from the  information provided online, is anyone able to share what kind of things the reference letter should contain? (If UBC has anything to say about it at all)



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Ideally you would ask for an academic reference with whom you've built good rapport with and hopefully established a longer-term relationship with. If that describes one of the profs you've had this year go for it! 

The majority of the reference is a survey/questions. For the traditional reference letter portion, you could perhaps instruct your prof to talk about concrete examples in which you have demonstrated CANMeds competencies under their supervision. The curated questions also give the referees the opportunity to talk about your character and qualities I'm pretty sure.

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