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1. I have graduated from my first bachelor in summer 2018. I decided to do a second bachelor and took 4 classes per semester in 2018-2019, for a total of 8 classes for the first year of my second bachelor. However, will this year count in my wGPA calculations for the upcoming 2019-2020 cycle if I did not take summer courses? This part is confusing me:

"A full-time academic year where the equivalent of four (4) courses per semester is taken is accepted and counted in the WGPA calculation only if the missing course/credit is completed either as an additional course within another academic year or as a summer course" does that mean the year I just did will not count in my wGPA calculation?

2. If I take 6 classes per semester next year, would they consider the first year of my second bachelor? 

First bachelor: 

1st year: 2.46 (5 classes per semester)

2nd year: 3.69 (5 classes per semester)

3rd year: 3.85 (5 classes per semester)

4th year: 3.88 (5 classes per semester)

Second bachelor:

1st year: 3.99 (4 classes per semester)


Please I need help,

Thank you!!

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They will count each year with 4+ courses in the gpa calculation as long as you take the missing credits before you apply. (I.e. you are currently 2.0 credits short, so you would need to takes those classes either in the summer or during another academic year by overloading.) I would recommend you take 5.0 classes each year for the rest of your degree and take the missing credits this upcoming summer or another summer). Hope that helps!

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