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Hi everyone! I've been offered a job with a physician to work at a clinic with him in Lindsay, ON.

It will be part-time and my job would be to perform patient enrollment interviews, manage the finances, the billing, all the tech and documentation. It's a small clinic, with only 2 other nurses working with us earning $26/hr.

  1. What would you say is fair compensation for a role like this?
  2. Any words of wisdom? :)

Thank you for your input!

- SG

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You indicate partner -  are you contributing to or receiving some portion of equity share in the business ?  That would affect the decision factors in how much salary you draw.

If you are an employee, it is up to the owner to set what they are willing to pay.  The role as described is essentially office manager.  You bring relevant education in both the Masters and Econ so you should be able to command much higher than minimum wage.   If you are straight out of school you may need to accept $20-22 as a start.  


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