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RBC LOC interest payment


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Hey everyone. I am with RBC and I have a question regarding the interest I pay on my line of credit. So I got a few statements from my line of credit. The statement shows the amount of applicable interest I am required to pay as well as the payment due date. When the interest is automatically withdrawn from my chequing account on the payment due date, the amount withdrawn is actually different from what is shown on the statement. For example, my last statement showed an applicable interest of 1.84 dollars due on the 30th of September. The amount that was actually withdrawn from my chequing account on the 30th was 1.66 dollars. And all of the previous months were like that. The statement shows one thing but the amount deducted is different, sometimes higher and sometimes lower than the amount shown on the statement. 

Is it just me or do other people have the same thing? Is there an explanation why this happens even though there was no changes made to my line of credit between the statement end date and the actual due date of payment?

Would appreciate any input on this.

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