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Travel plan from Toronto to uOttawa

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I'm planning my trip to Ottawa for the interview (1pm slot) and was wondering if anyone else from Toronto or the GTA who's also doing this could tell me what you're planning to do? :)

My current plan is to take a bus at 12.30am which will be in Ottawa at 6.30am and just surveying for a better alternative. 

Thank you and best wishes to everyone who's interviewing! 

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Hey there! 

I'm actually also leaving for Ottawa from Toronto - I'm gonna be taking the day train there, and staying with a friend the night before. I'd recommend you get a really good night sleep before the interview, because you'll be stressed and need to stay sharp - maybe you can rent an AirBnb. 

All the best! 

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I'm also planning on leaving from Toronto! I'm probably going to plan a bit more concretely after the interview package is sent out, but at this point in time I think I'll most likely be taking VIA Rail..... really gotta figure that out lol :confused: Like the other commenter, I also plan on arriving the night before, and I'll most likely stay in a hotel or Airbnb to get a good night's sleep :) I also think it'd be best to sleep in Ottawa the night before (if you are able to) since even in addition to getting adequate sleep, I feel like it could be a lot less stressful already being there and ready to go on the day of your interview!

Best wishes to you for your interview as well!!

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Planning your trip to Ottawa for an interview sounds exciting! When I had a similar trip from Toronto, I opted for an early bus ride too. It gave me plenty of time to relax, grab breakfast, and mentally prepare before the interview.

While you're in Ottawa, why not take some time to explore? I recently stumbled upon this awesome site called https://tripsavannah.com/savannah-activities that's full of fun things to do. Maybe you can treat yourself to a post-interview adventure and discover some hidden gems in the city.

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