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Hello all,

I am interested in a competitive surgical specialty, and recently completed part of my core rotation in that specialty.  During it, I received good feedback from the residents and from the staff members I worked closely with, however, I feel like I did not do well when working with the program director.  There were many instances where he seemed unimpressed with me in the OR while assisting, and unimpressed with the questions I asked.  I think many of these instances had to do with misunderstandings on both of our parts.  The residents had made a point of introducing me to him as they knew I was interested in the specialty, so I feel like I missed my chance to make a good impression with him.  I did not receive any formal feedback from him, but am worried that my performance while with him could negatively impact my chances when applying for residency there (and it would likely be my top choice).  Is it likely that these interactions could have a bearing on my residency application to this program? Thank you kindly in advance.   

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